Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I LOVE WHITE...WHITE...WHITE and more WHITE! It's just the best, we live in the (mostly) miserable and grey UK and white is just one of those colours that makes rooms like clean, fresh and new even in the grip of our wonderful winters! Also i love how its the whole light spectrum together and love how you can team any colour with it and it look AMAZING!

My house in Wales...well, white is nearly everywhere, from bathroom to kitchen, but in all honesty, it could work a lot better, flooring is key to a good white room, sort of the flooring and the rest of the room takes care of itself.

I love proper good old fashioned wooden floorboards (which some people seem to want to rip out...WHY WHY WHY!), i love white walls teamed with white painted stripped floorboards! Also parquet floors, rare these days due to them being ripped out during the dark days of 'interior design', the 80's, are the best, again, match these up with a crisp white colour-scheme and your laughing.

I guess my style is 'Scandinavian', anyways, here is a lovely home as seen on Decor8 by the lovely Katrin. I love everything about it, the minimalism, but not too minimalist, the good use of colour, the AMAZING stairs, the whiteness and finally the floors, which are a DREAM, check them, floorboards, parquet, yum!

(All images © Lillian Day & found on decor8 © Holly Becker, decor8 2006-2010)

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